Become a Member

How to Become an Active Member of InterChange

Becoming an Active Member of InterChange involves making a personal commitment to actively contribute to the work of the organization. Becoming a member involves both agreeing with the InterChange Mission, Vision, and Principles and working in accordance with them as you are involved with InterChange. Members must also understand and follow InterChange’s Membership Confidentiality Policy.

Privileges: By becoming a member of InterChange you will have the opportunity to:

  • Attend InterChange symposia
  • Attend and vote at the InterChange Annual General Meeting
  • Gain access to contact information for other community-based peacebuilding academics, practitioners, and institutions involved in InterChange
  • Gain access to online resources – publications, training materials, organizational documents (minutes, proposals, etc…)
  • Participate in organizational research and project coordination
  • Participate in joint action, education and research projects
  • Learn about upcoming funding opportunities
  • Receive discounts on training and education sessions
  • Network with other peacebuilding practitioners and theorists

Responsibilities: Members also take responsibility to contribute to the organization. You will be able to contribute in many ways including:

  • Voting at an Annual General Meeting
  • Helping organize Annual General Meeting or symposia
  • Posting contact information and information about your peacebuilding activities or research
  • Contributing content to InterChange newsletters
  • Participating in organizational research and projects (eg. Coordination or contributing a recipe to the cookbook for instance)
  • Determining joint action, research and education projects
  • Participating in joint action, research and education projects
  • Assisting with project planning and fund development
  • Contributing information about upcoming funding opportunities
  • Helping develop training and educational sessions
  • Organizing events
  • Posting information about upcoming events of interest
  • Facilitating networking and/or the development of opportunities
  • Participating in local or international meetings or committees
  • Paying a membership fee according to your ability to pay (Canadian members are likely to be asked for $5-20; eventually international members will be asked to pay an appropriate amount that their local centre determines).

To become a member fill in and return our Membership Application_Form [.doc] | [pdf] or send an email to that says:

“I would like to be a member of InterChange. I have read InterChange’s Mission, Vision, and Principles and Membership Confidentiality Policy. I agree with these statements and will work in accordance with them in my involvement with InterChange.”