Toronto, Canada

InterChange GTA provides a local coordination function that supports InterChange’s local and international purposes.  Food, laughter, and regular in-person contact are central principles of the local centre’s work.

Vision: Community-based peacebuilders sharing knowledge and supporting one another to nurture and develop dynamic, durable peace.

Mission: To foster and make visible community-based peacebuilding in the GTA and internationally.

We will do this by means which will include:

  • Ensuring that people working for peace feel supported, knowledgeable and valued in their work.
  • Helping peacebuilders develop the education, resources and networks they need to carry out their activities and improve their practice.
  • Inspiring and supporting others to take up the cause of peace and see themselves as peacebuilders.

Administrative structure:

The GTA coordinating group has the following sub-functions / categories of work:

  • Events and projects (education, training, skills building; advancing international project themes at a local level; networking AND fundraising to support this)
  • Membership and outreach (connecting with our members and involving other peace builders as members, media, connecting with funders, website)
  • Fundraising and finance
  • Planning and facilitating GTA coordinating group meetings (setting up structure, reminding people of meetings, asking for RSVPs)
  • Liaison with InterChange International

The group will regularly to address the above items; task forces can be set up to address priorities that have been identified

Regular agenda outline:

  • Go-around and introductions
  • Appreciation / celebration (preferably related to InterChange)
  • Goals/emphasis of meeting; structural issues
  • Liaison with InterChange International (report)
  • Events and projects
  • Membership and outreach
  • Fundraising
  • Future InterChange GTA meetings (next date, etc…)

Criteria for an InterChange project/event:

  • Builds the capacity and visibility of InterChange
  • Builds a community of community-based peacebuilders
  • Builds relationships
  • Meets InterChange’s definition of community-based peacebuilding
  • Meets and promotes InterChange principles

Local activities for InterChange GTA:

  • Local education / training / skills building activities
  • Networking / relationship building / community support (getting to know each other, sharing stories, etc…)
  • Newsletter (submitting articles, member profiles, events)
  • Developing research / project activities at local level (e.g. on needs of peacebuilders); link with international if possible

Contact Information