The Promotion of Health and Peace

“All diseases have two causes; one is pathological, the other is political” Rudolf Virchow This oft-quoted line by the German physician-anthropologist, who led the creation of social medicine in the 19th century, has motivated and beguiled me for years. After an undergraduate degree in International Development and Nutrition, I have spent 3 years living on […]

Course for Workers in Areas of Regeneration and Peacebuilding in Vukovar, Croatia

It is now 20 years since the Balkan wars began in 1991. Vukovar was almost completely destroyed in that year.  There were atrocities on all sides. When Charles Tauber came in 1995, there were almost no buildings that were not at least partially destroyed. Vukovar’s history dates back 6000 years.  The first calendar in Europe […]

InterChange Newsletter – Everyone Can Be a Peacebuilder (November 2011)

Welcome to the newest edition of InterChange’s newsletter!  Our theme this time is: Everyone Can Be a Peacebuilder. The articles in this edition emphasize that everyone has unique capacities; that problems can be opportunities; that we can help people see their work as peacebuilding and help them join the cause of peace; and that peacebuilding […]

2008 President’s Report

InterChange had a busy year in 2007. Much of what we achieved can be found on our website, the messages in the listserv, in the many detailed files and reports posted on Basecamp, our online organizing tool, and in the ongoing connections, relationships and projects that are developing. This report gives some of the highlights. […]