2011-2012 President’s Report

MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT (Please read below or download the PDF version by clicking here.) A concept I use extensively in my teaching and peacebuilding work is that of peace as a “process-structure”. I learned about this through the work of peacebuilding theorist and practitioner, John-Paul Lederach, who drew on ideas from quantum physics to […]

Cerasse Tea

Submitted by Joan McKnight My interest in natural/herbal tea stems from my own upbringing. As a child growing up in Jamaica, I have had a tremendous opportunity to learn the importance of medicinal herbs from my own grandfather. He was an herbalist; he has successfully grown a number of Jamaica’s Indigenous plants and roots in […]

Food is a Universal Experience

Food is a nourishing way of bringing people together from a diversity of backgrounds. We can learn about and honour cultural traditions from all over the world in our own backyards. Crystal Randall, a graduate student at the University of Toronto, hosted a potluck at a Toronto InterChange meeting with the theme of how food […]

Lentils: One Person’s Side Dish is Another’s Main Course

Fatima Elmasri is a human rights activist, educator, and passionate knowledge seeker who is pursuing her Master of Education degree at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto. She shares her experience of the symbolic value of food in peacebuilding. “The making and sharing of food infuses relations of trust, care, and […]

Passport to Peace: Canada

Submitted by Anonymous A bowl of homemade soup for supper: A treat for both of us as we reconfirm for the thousandth time that soup is one of our favourite dishes. My grandfather and I have eaten together for many years, seated next to each other in our respective ‘spots’ at the kitchen table. Both […]

Passport to Peace: Serbia

Submitted by Golga Sajinovic To drink one cup of coffee together guarantees forty years of friendship. ~ Turkish saying Fildžan viška or an extra Turkish-coffee cup is the name of a Bosnian Internet network for the promotion of friendship and tolerance in post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina. For centuries, coffee has been an important ingredient of […]

Passport to Peace: Papua New Guinea

Submitted by Alastair McIntosh During the 1970s and 1980s I spent four years of my life living and working in Papua New Guinea. I was teaching, setting up small hydroelectric systems, and helping to run the South Pacific Appropriate Technology Foundation. I worked in both the wildest rural areas and the roughest urban ones. As […]

The Tale of the Rain and the Krampiô

Cleonice Pankararu, from the Indigenous village Cinta Vermelha-Judiba in Brazil, told this tale to Rita Simone Liberato in May 2008. Once, a group of Pankararu had to flee from a drought. It was a time when drought was everywhere. There was not a single drop of water in the region. The sun splintered the skin […]

Potluck 4 Peace

Members of InterChange and our allies held a potluck in the Peace Lounge at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education to collect stories for the Food Peace project. The project features diverse ways food and drink are used to build peace and impact transformative change in our lives, communities, and societies around the world […]

Celebrating Pesach – Passover

 Wishing you peace, prosperity, and all the joys of Passover.   Submitted by Tiffany Bartlett Passover, Peace, and New Friends Entering university in Toronto, a multi-cultural city, opened my eyes to new cultures, religions, traditions, and of course, foods. One of my most memorable experiences taught me much more than any course could have. During […]