Are you a health and peace promoter? Tell us about yourself!

The promotion of education and the enhancement of professionalism through sharing and collaboration are central components of peacebuilding. InterChange has many practitioners and professionals in the health and peace fields who are working on eclectic and diverse projects around the world. I am creating a space to showcase their ideas and perspectives, and share their […]

The Promotion of Health and Peace

“All diseases have two causes; one is pathological, the other is political” Rudolf Virchow This oft-quoted line by the German physician-anthropologist, who led the creation of social medicine in the 19th century, has motivated and beguiled me for years. After an undergraduate degree in International Development and Nutrition, I have spent 3 years living on […]

The message of Spring!

Dear members of the  InterChange family, Here in Canada, we are celebrating Springtime.  For many of you in other parts of the world, this is not the case. In the Southern hemisphere, the seasons are the opposite of ours and you are heading into autumn.  Many others of you don’t experience four seasons at all; […]

Doing Peacebuilding Differently: The Nonviolent Communication Approach with Youth Groups in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria

SINCE 2001, September 7th precisely and barely 4 days before the tragic 9/11 episode, the city of Jos, the capital of Plateau State, has unfortunately had routine presence in the global news. The reoccurrence of the crisis in January 2010 changed the colour of attacks and sophistication employed by all the groups involved in the […]

This Fall: Peace-building Workshops in the GTA

InterChange’s programme: Building a Culture of Peace in the GTA continues this fall with exciting education and training workshops. This Toronto-based programme offers Peace-building workshops to leaders and members of communities. These workshops impart peace-building ideas, skills, and methods and foster a culture of peace. Over the past 7 months, we have given around 25 workshops on a […]

2010 President’s Report

The past year was focused on strengthening, deepening and consolidating InterChange. We recently completed the process of incorporating our organization, and after a long process of consultation and dialogue, we’ve adopted a new logo that our members around the world are excited about. We also developed new policies as needed, with one such example being […]