Building A Culture of Peace GTA workshop picnic October 14, 2012

TAKING STOCK: MOVING FORWARD We’re officially into Fall—the time of year when we gather the harvest and make long-range plans for the year ahead. Using the picnic metaphor that has been a key part of our work, InterChange is planning a half-day working session to take stock of our work in the Building a Culture […]

InterChange For Peace Uganda Celebrates Eid in 2012 with a Football Match!

Written by Denis Cox Emuria InterChange for Peace Uganda marked this year’s Eid, the Muslim festival celebrating the end of Ramadan, with a soccer match.  The match was held at St. Anne playgrounds in Lutengo, Nama Sub-County in Mukono District. The match was part of InterChange Uganda’s “Play Soccer, Make Peace” programme, the mission of which […]

Remembering Partition 1947: Dialogue for Healing and Change

‘Remembering Partition: Dialogue for Healing and Change’ is an event hosted by InterChange GTA as part of our involvement in community based peace-building in a global context.  In 1947, with the independence of India and Pakistan, over a million people were killed, more than 12 million were forced to migrate, and 75000 women were abducted. To commemorate the 65th anniversary […]

Success at Building A Culture of Peace at Centennial College!

A few months ago we posted a story about the Community Based Peacebuilding workshop series held at Centennial College as part of our Building A Culture of Peace programme. We are pleased to announce the workshop was a great success and we’d like to tell you about it! The unique and customized 4-module workshop, which took place from April […]

What does it look like to build peace and health?

How can peace and health be promoted at the same time? Does it help to have one united holistic initiative, or it is better to have parallel projects taking care of individual areas? The connections between peace and health are not new. There has long been consensus within academia and the community on the need […]

Are you a health and peace promoter? Tell us about yourself!

The promotion of education and the enhancement of professionalism through sharing and collaboration are central components of peacebuilding. InterChange has many practitioners and professionals in the health and peace fields who are working on eclectic and diverse projects around the world. I am creating a space to showcase their ideas and perspectives, and share their […]

The Promotion of Health and Peace

“All diseases have two causes; one is pathological, the other is political” Rudolf Virchow This oft-quoted line by the German physician-anthropologist, who led the creation of social medicine in the 19th century, has motivated and beguiled me for years. After an undergraduate degree in International Development and Nutrition, I have spent 3 years living on […]

Building a Culture of Peace at Centennial College

InterChange GTA is excited to announce that we are now running a 4 module, 12 hour certificate program to the Centre for Organizational Learning and Teaching at Centennial College on Community-Based Peacebuilding. This pilot project is running from April through June 2012 and will bring the following 4 workshops to staff at Centennial College: Module […]

The message of Spring!

Dear members of the  InterChange family, Here in Canada, we are celebrating Springtime.  For many of you in other parts of the world, this is not the case. In the Southern hemisphere, the seasons are the opposite of ours and you are heading into autumn.  Many others of you don’t experience four seasons at all; […]

Year-end message from Anne

Dear members of the InterChange family, For those of us in the Northern hemisphere, the days are short and darkness comes earlier each day. However, after the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, the days start lengthening again. In the meantime, many of us celebrate various Festivals of Lights: Diwali, in the Hindu […]