2013 Shared Annual Report

We have a web of connections between us.  We’re all working together.  For peace.  In our communities, in our families, in our world.

Can we share our stories, and in doing so write InterChange’s 2013 Annual Report – which talks about what happened during the year – together?  Please share what you’ve been doing – one sentence, one paragraph, or a full write-up – about how you’re working to bring peace to your home, your family, or your broader community.  This can be something big or small…  It can include things like:

  • “I’m bringing my neighbours together to garden and connect with each other”
  • “I’m taking 10 minutes every day to stop, to breathe, and to send positive thoughts to the world”
  • “I’m teaching a University course where I’m having my students learn about Nonviolent Communication”
  • “I’m developing a project concept that will help to build forgiveness and reconciliation”

Thank you for all your inspiration.