2013-14 Annual Report

INTERCHANGE ANNUAL REPORT 2013/14 Highlights of Our Work over the Fiscal Year (Please read below or download the PDF version by clicking here.) InterChange’s 2013-2014 fiscal year was one that brought great successes and also great sadness. In August 2013 we lost our dear friend Anne Goodman, President of InterChange, to cancer. Anne’s vision has […]

Disconnected Love

Submitted by Pamela Snell The way that I understand peace in my life changes from day to day and from moment to moment. Today I am thinking about how personal violence is perpetrated by moments of disconnection. Specifically, disconnection in our relationships with others. I am currently the age where I go to a lot […]

Building Positive Relationships – It’s In Our Nature

Submitted by Carolyn Webb I’ve come to the conclusion that what makes us thrive as humans is the connections we have and foster. Our relationships with others, as well as our relationships with ourselves, are what give meaning to our lives. I’ve been coming to this realization for awhile now, but this idea has become […]

InterChange For Peace Uganda Celebrates Eid in 2012 with a Football Match!

Written by Denis Cox Emuria InterChange for Peace Uganda marked this year’s Eid, the Muslim festival celebrating the end of Ramadan, with a soccer match.  The match was held at St. Anne playgrounds in Lutengo, Nama Sub-County in Mukono District. The match was part of InterChange Uganda’s “Play Soccer, Make Peace” programme, the mission of which […]

Remembering Partition 1947: Dialogue for Healing and Change

‘Remembering Partition: Dialogue for Healing and Change’ is an event hosted by InterChange GTA as part of our involvement in community based peace-building in a global context.  In 1947, with the independence of India and Pakistan, over a million people were killed, more than 12 million were forced to migrate, and 75000 women were abducted. To commemorate the 65th anniversary […]

Success at Building A Culture of Peace at Centennial College!

A few months ago we posted a story about the Community Based Peacebuilding workshop series held at Centennial College as part of our Building A Culture of Peace programme. We are pleased to announce the workshop was a great success and we’d like to tell you about it! The unique and customized 4-module workshop, which took place from April […]

The message of Spring!

Dear members of the  InterChange family, Here in Canada, we are celebrating Springtime.  For many of you in other parts of the world, this is not the case. In the Southern hemisphere, the seasons are the opposite of ours and you are heading into autumn.  Many others of you don’t experience four seasons at all; […]

ToolKit For Peacebuilders – Submissions

Dear Members of the InterChange community, I am writing to tell you about an exciting project that InterChange is developing that I hope you’ll want to be part of: a Toolkit for Peacebuilders. Background and description The idea for the project isn’t new. We first proposed it at our symposium in Rwanda in 2007 and […]

Year-end message from Anne

Dear members of the InterChange family, For those of us in the Northern hemisphere, the days are short and darkness comes earlier each day. However, after the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, the days start lengthening again. In the meantime, many of us celebrate various Festivals of Lights: Diwali, in the Hindu […]

InterChange Newsletter – Everyone Can Be a Peacebuilder (November 2011)

Welcome to the newest edition of InterChange’s newsletter!  Our theme this time is: Everyone Can Be a Peacebuilder. The articles in this edition emphasize that everyone has unique capacities; that problems can be opportunities; that we can help people see their work as peacebuilding and help them join the cause of peace; and that peacebuilding […]