2011-2012 President’s Report

MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT (Please read below or download the PDF version by clicking here.) A concept I use extensively in my teaching and peacebuilding work is that of peace as a “process-structure”. I learned about this through the work of peacebuilding theorist and practitioner, John-Paul Lederach, who drew on ideas from quantum physics to […]

May update: Getting involved in InterChange

Dear members of the InterChange family, The last few months have been a very busy time for InterChange and I wanted to let you know some of the things that are going on and to invite you to get involved, if you’re not already. Here are some of the highlights: PROJECTS We’ve been working hard […]

The message of Spring!

Dear members of the  InterChange family, Here in Canada, we are celebrating Springtime.  For many of you in other parts of the world, this is not the case. In the Southern hemisphere, the seasons are the opposite of ours and you are heading into autumn.  Many others of you don’t experience four seasons at all; […]

Year-end message from Anne

Dear members of the InterChange family, For those of us in the Northern hemisphere, the days are short and darkness comes earlier each day. However, after the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, the days start lengthening again. In the meantime, many of us celebrate various Festivals of Lights: Diwali, in the Hindu […]

Building the InterChange Network One Relationship At A Time

InterChange is a growing, united, and diverse group of community-based peacebuilders around the world who share knowledge, collaborate on educational and research projects, and support one another with the aim of nurturing and developing dynamic, durable and positive peace. We have members (including Board members) in different parts of the world.  Our work is both […]