Nairobi, Kenya

The Nairobi InterChange Local Committee acts as the local centre for InterChange International. It currently has seven regular members and there are plans to recruit more members since there are many peace groups and organizations in Kenya.

We meet once a month but we could meet any time if there was the need. The meetings take place at the Society of Friends Centre on Ngong Road depending on availability of space as the Centre is quite busy most of the time. When space is not available, the group meets at David’s home that is quite close to the Centre.

The Local Centre is committed to collaborating with others in working for peace and conflict resolution at all levels but particularly at the grassroots not only in Kenya but all over the globe. A second commitment is providing personal growth of its members through organizing appropriate training encounters, exchange of experiences and sharing of human and material resources.

David Macharia has been selected to act as the contact person.