May update: Getting involved in InterChange

Dear members of the InterChange family,

The last few months have been a very busy time for InterChange and I wanted to let you know some of the things that are going on and to invite you to get involved, if you’re not already.

Here are some of the highlights:


We’ve been working hard on the following projects:

  • Building a Culture of Peace inToronto
  • Toolkit for Peacebuilders
  • Food and Peace project

You can find out more about all of these on our website
There are many ways to get involved, and I’ll suggest just a few.

Building a Culture of Peace in Toronto:

  • propose a workshop
  • invite InterChange to bring a workshop to your community
  •  volunteer at a workshop.

Contact for more information or to get involved.

Toolkit for Peacebuilders

  • submit your resource(s) to share, using the form printed on the project description

Contact for more information or to get involved.

Food and Peace:

  • submit a post about your involvement with Food and Peace
  • invite Rebecca, project co-ordinator, to interview you and/or attend your event

Contact for more information or to get involved.

Also watch out for more on a new project, Health and Peace.  Anthea, the coordinator, has posted her initial blog on the website and will be giving more information soon.


Website: If you haven’t been on our website for a while, I know you’ll be pleased to see all the information, messages and ideas. Please read our website and tell others about it, send us your stories and or photos, and feel fee to comment on any of the information online. As usual, we’re always pleased to hear your suggestions.

Facebook: Thanks to an infusion of new energy and the recruitment of 2 new administrators, our
Facebook page is very lively. Please check us out at

If you’re already a Facebook member, make InterChange your friend and “like” any of our posts.
Also, we would really love to receive news and information from our members all over the world, so please send your postings! If for some reason you can’t post things directly, please send them to and we’ll do it!

Brochure: InterChange is developing a new postcard-style brochure. It’s posted on our Facebook page, so do take a look and give us your feedback. We intend to print them in Toronto as soon as we get the go-ahead from our members, and we’ll send the file to the other local centres to customize for your own use.


The Torontolocal centre has been very active, with regular working meetings, working on the Building a Culture of Peace project and planning for local events. If you’re interested in getting (more)
involved, contact us at

We also have 2 key volunteer opportunities:

Local centre Co-ordinator,,  and

Volunteer Co-ordinator

You’ll find these on our website under the “Get Involved” tab. Of course, there are many other
opportunities, so please get in touch!

We would also love to hear more about the other local centres, so please do send your news.


Thanks to those of you who responded to the survey and we’ll getting back to you with next steps very soon.


As you’ve noticed, we’ve been busy, but we do plan to have our AGM and Board elections soon—likely in
June. More information soon, but in the meantime, please get in touch if you are thinking of running for the board yourself and/or have someone you’d like to nominate.

We look forward to hearing from you all,

Peace & friendship,