Using Digital Stories to explore community and mental health with the South Etobicoke Youth Assembly

Mental health and community are reinforcing concepts; thus, investing in one leads to an investment in the other. InterChange Toronto partnered with the LAMP Community Health Centre to run a pilot workshop series on digital storytelling with youth aged 14-18 from the South Etobicoke Youth Assembly in order to explore ideas around mental health and […]

Romero House – creating a culture of welcome in Toronto

Submitted by Anthea Darychuk “In our culture we have a family place where we all go for big events. Romero House is like our family place in Canada” – Naman Thamir, from Iraq “People can’t really feel at peace until they know they are safe and accepted into Canada. Until they know their status. Romero House […]

A discussion with Physicians for Human Rights Israel

“We are a human rights organization focusing on the right to health” said Kifah el Halim, as she began our interview about the organization she works with, Physicians for Human Rights- Israel (PHR-I), in Jaffa, Israel. Physicians for Human Rights is an international network that uses “science and medicine to stop mass atrocities and human […]

Organizational Highlight: OneVoice Palestine

To begin this column, I will be presenting a peacebuilding organization working with youth in the Middle East. Here is the interview with the local director of OneVoice, Samer Mahlouf. OneVoice is an “international grassroots movement that amplifies the voice of young mainstream Israelis and Palestinians, empowering them to propel their elected representative towards the […]

What does it look like to build peace and health?

How can peace and health be promoted at the same time? Does it help to have one united holistic initiative, or it is better to have parallel projects taking care of individual areas? The connections between peace and health are not new. There has long been consensus within academia and the community on the need […]

Are you a health and peace promoter? Tell us about yourself!

The promotion of education and the enhancement of professionalism through sharing and collaboration are central components of peacebuilding. InterChange has many practitioners and professionals in the health and peace fields who are working on eclectic and diverse projects around the world. I am creating a space to showcase their ideas and perspectives, and share their […]

The Promotion of Health and Peace

“All diseases have two causes; one is pathological, the other is political” Rudolf Virchow This oft-quoted line by the German physician-anthropologist, who led the creation of social medicine in the 19th century, has motivated and beguiled me for years. After an undergraduate degree in International Development and Nutrition, I have spent 3 years living on […]