Are you a health and peace promoter? Tell us about yourself!

The promotion of education and the enhancement of professionalism through sharing and collaboration are central components of peacebuilding. InterChange has many practitioners and professionals in the health and peace fields who are working on eclectic and diverse projects around the world.

I am creating a space to showcase their ideas and perspectives, and share their stories and experiences.


What I propose are short pieces or travel diary-style entries, which fulfill the following criteria:-

  • an explicit connection and understanding of the intersections between peace building and health promotion,
  • a unique perspective on a health issue from a peacebuilding lens, and
  • an engaging, thoughtful writing style.

Please read more about the Promotion of Health and Peace initiative and submit your entries so that we can start the discussion! Contact Anthea Darychuk to make a submission, discuss your ideas, or share resources: