This Fall: Peace-building Workshops in the GTA

InterChange’s programme: Building a Culture of Peace in the GTA continues this fall with exciting education and training workshops. This Toronto-based programme offers Peace-building workshops to leaders and members of communities. These workshops impart peace-building ideas, skills, and methods and foster a culture of peace.

Over the past 7 months, we have given around 25 workshops on a range of topics, grouped in 4 main topic areas:  Arts-based , Health and Self-reflection, Interventions-based and Peace Literacy workshops. For a list of all the workshops, check out our general brochure (Download .DOC). This Fall we are also introducing a Peace Ambassador‘s training for volunteers who are interested in promoting peace and peace literacy within their own communities. The first of such trainings will be held in Toronto on Saturday October 29th.

In this programme, InterChange provides your organization or project with:

  • Talented, passionate and experienced workshop facilitators.
  • A variety of workshops that impart peace-building ideas, skills, and methods to communities in the GTA.
  • Assistance in promoting the event.
  • If necessary, funds for refreshments and childcare for the workshop(s).
  • Volunteers to assist in delivering the workshop(s).
Most of the workshops are about 2 ½ hours long so they can be offered over an evening or half a day, but can also be customized and/or combined to create longer sessions for your community. They are designed for 15 to 25 participants. All workshops adhere to the Principles of InterChange.

Fees for workshops

InterChange is a volunteer organization without ongoing funding or staff. We do currently have a small amount of funds through a project fund that we can use to provide refreshments, childcare and transportation for this programme. However, the payment for the workshop facilitators needs to come from funds we bring in. We see a combination of ways to do this:
  1. Participant fees:  The suggested fee per participant is $30, with some participants paying reduced fees and others being sponsored by others or by their organization;
  2. Organizational support:  If feasible, and if the participants are not in a position to pay fees, the organization can sponsor the workshop.
    We suggest a contribution of $200- $250;
  3. Charitable donations: InterChange is a Canadian charity (Charitable Number:  887101053RR0001) and people can make tax-deductible donations to InterChange, either directly or online through the website, Another option is to direct your United Way contribution to go to InterChange.

How to host a workshop in your community:

If you are interested in hosting one or more of these workshops for your community members and clients, you can fill out the workshop request form (available on our website Download .DOC )and return it to us by email at your earliest convenience. Alternatively, if you have an idea for a peace-building workshop based on your community’s needs, do let us know and we will try our best to connect you to facilitators who may be able to provide that workshop in your organization.

As we plan our next steps, we invite anyone who is interested to get involved. We’d like to hear from you how you’d like to be involved and where you think we should be focusing our energy and any other general comments you may have.

Please contact us at to book a workshop or if you have any questions or comments about the Building a Culture of Peace in the GTA.

Mural created at the GTA Peacebuilding Show and Tell Symposium