Peace at a Glance

A recent annual music festival organized by InterChange Uganda Local Center and the Peace Club

Every Sunday from 10:00pm to 11:00pm, peace lovers in Uganda tune in to 94.1 Bilal FM, to listen to Peace at a Glance, a radio program dedicated to peacebuilding.

Founded by Mr. Issa Kirarira, an InterChange Board member, and hosted by Umar Weswala, a member of InterChange, Peace at a Glance has gone a long way in educating listeners on how best they can live in harmony with each other.

The purpose of the show has grown to encompass what true peace is. Guests on the program put emphasis on the fact that peace is not only possible, but inevitable.

The program is popularly known as the peace hour, symbolizing the one hour dedicated to the program by the radio management. It sends a message to listeners that during this hour, they should desist from any form of action that contravenes the values of peace.  We would like to take the show to new heights, sharing the ways in which we can build cultures of nonviolence in our communities.

The program has also brought together peace activists from different parts of Uganda, creating yet another community of peace lovers in the form of listeners.

During the program, 15 minutes are dedicated to calls from the listeners. This is one of the special moments of the program where listeners get to share their feelings and views with each other.

The topics discussed cover all aspects of life but with a connection to peace.

Many thanks go to the management of Radio Bilal which has even promised to increase the time from one peace hour to two peace hours.

Submitted by Weswala Umar, a member of InterChange Uganda and the patron of The Rhomu Care College Peace Club.