Food Peace Book

The Food Peace Book is a project that every member of InterChange can participate in and include their friends, familyand community!

Together we are creating a book about how food (and drink) is used to build peace in our communities. It will be a collection of stories, recipes, pictures, songs,
poems and snippets of information.

Contributions can come from your culture, your family and community traditions, or your own personal experience. They can be about the sharing, preparation, and even growing of food as long as they show how peace was created in the process.

Three graduate students at the University of Toronto  were so inspired by the project that they spent the 2010 winter term developing a toolkit on how to organize events to inspire participants to share food and tell stories about building peace.

Jenny Richmond, Crystal Randall and Nicole Degagne developed ideas for host-
ing a potluck dinner (a meal where every guest brings their own dish) with the
theme of how food builds peace. Once the toolkit was complete they hosted the pot-
luck at a local Toronto Interchange meeting in April 2010.

The students used an electronic recorder to record the stories that people shared at
the meeting and will submit them for use in the book. This toolkit, which will soon be
available on the InterChange website, was developed for the Toronto chapter of  Inter-
change but other Interchange chapters are welcome to make use of it.

We need everyone’s help to make this project a success! Just like the Eastern Euro-
pean folk tale “Stone Soup”, where all the villagers contribute food items to create a
delicious soup, creating the book together and sharing it with others is part of building
peace. Once we have enough submissions we hope to have the book published.

We will feature an example story in each newsletter to give you ideas of what we are
looking for.  We welcome your submission.

To make a submission email Mary-Jane McKitterick

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