Building a Culture of Peace in the GTA – Call for Workshop Facilitators

I am delighted to let you know about an exciting programme InterChange is developing called Building a Culture of Peace in the GTA.

This is an education and training programme that connects facilitators able to offer peace-building workshops with leaders and members of communities who want to foster a culture of peace. The programme will target, amongst others, communities facing ongoing cycles of violence due to historic and current traumas, and systemic injustice. These include diaspora communities from conflict zones, women and youth.

We are looking for people who are interested in facilitating or co-facilitating workshops that impart peace-building ideas, skills, and methods. The workshops will be about 3 hours long so they can be offered over an evening or half a day. All workshops must adhere to the Principles of InterChange.

If you are interested in proposing one or more such workshops, we invite you to fill out an Application Form – Download .PDF / Download .DOC

For more information on deadlines, how to submit the completed application form and the process of workshop selection, downoad our Additional Information document and/or contact our programme coordinator, Patrick Habamenshi, at

If you have a great idea for a workshop but need some assistance in developing or running it, do let us know by contacting Patrick.

We look forward to hearing from you with your workshop proposal and thank you in advance for your support of InterChange and interest in our programmes.

Best wishes,
Anne Goodman