Passport to Peace: Canada

Submitted by Anonymous

A bowl of homemade soup for supper: A treat for both of us as we reconfirm for the thousandth time that soup is one of our favourite dishes. My grandfather and I have eaten together for many years, seated next to each other in our respective ‘spots’ at the kitchen table. Both of us know the drill all too well. After the last spoonful we drink from the bowl. Eating in peace, in flow, last night I was seated to his left. Saddened by his pain, the sequence of recent events run through my mind. Already struggling to breathe, a fall breaks his collarbone two days before heart surgery. I can only imagine his fear that he graciously tucks away to embrace our family’s time together. He smiles from the corners of his mouth and persistently uses his left hand to eat. Jokingly, we all attempt to join him in eating with our opposite hand. But I gave up. He kept going, never complaining. He knew I was proud of him. He felt proud too. And then I knew…the last spoonful was approaching and it was time to drink the rest of the soup from the bowl. So, I tipped the bowl for him and we worked together in unison, ensuring that the last spoonfuls were not wasted.

It is moments like these that remind me of the deep values instilled in me that continue to underlie my motivation to create peaceful relationships. Moments like these inspire me to live deeply and creatively.